Saturday, December 17, 2005

I haven't anything to say.


The only reason I got this ID was so I could respond to other people's blogs on a very occasional basis.

Want to know what I'm thinking? Try spending a little time with me in real life. Virtual relationships are no relationships at all.

Log off and come on over.

added 20 May 2007

I’m still not saying anything, but I do seem to be storing a bit, and my memory is notoriously spotty. I also don’t find the Search feature useful in jogging my memory, only in finding what I remember. So I'm going to add an index of sorts here at the beginning, which appears at the end. (I suppose that this is a first being last sort of thing.)


Art: the Frick; More, Cromwell, Jerome (Holbein & El Greco)
Margaret Atwood: on getting read
Margaret Atwood: poems
Margaret Atwood: a poem with a hook 
St. Augustine on 2nd Language Acquisition
Autism & vaccines
Benedict XVI on Ecumenism and Unity
Benedictio Cerevisae from the Rituale Romanum
Blessing for beer from the Rituale Romanum
Bizarro: E-Church
Beer Blessing from the Rituale Romanum
Drew Bunting: “Sewanee Mountian”
Bustard in a limerick
Christmas Music
Cicero: on blogging
Cicero: on Higher Education
Cicero: on political flip-flopping
confession, best ever
Stephen M. Corey, “The Poor Scholar’s Soliloquy
Thomas Cromwell in Art @ the Frick
Robertson Davies: Ornamental Knowledge
Robertson Davies: collected e-mail sigs
E-Church; Dan Piraro’s Bizarro
Roger Ebert: Creation and Art
Umberto Eco: Best of
Umberto Eco: Computer Wars
Umberto Eco: the Loss of a Parent 
Fiddler on the Roof, “Do You Love Me?
Fallacy, Love is a” by Max Shulman
Fiddler on the Roof, best song about marriage ever
Fowler’s Modern English Usage
Ian Frazier: Laws Concerning Food and Drink &c
Neil Gaiman (& Terry Pratchett): British monetary system (from Good Omens)
Cary Grant on marriage in a flick
El Greco’s Art @ the Frick
Graham Greene: The Heart of the Matter
grief and the loss of a parent (U. Eco)
Seamus Heaney: Horace and the Thunder, notes
Seamus Heaney: Horace and the Thunder, poem
Mark Helprin: Predestination & Free Will
Mark Helprin: Winter’s Tale
Holbein’s Art @ the Frick
Holocaust Quotation in Boston
Walter Huston: The Dead
Immunization & Autism
Transubstantiationist Inscription at St. Lawrence outside the Walls
Transubstantiationist Inscription at St. Lawrence outside the Walls, at length
St. Jerome in Art @ the Frick
James Joyce: “The Dead”
Dave Karlotski: Season of the Bike
Jhumpa Lahiri: The Namesake
Limerick on the Bustard
David Lodge: Conferences
Love is a Fallacy,” by Max Shulman
Phil Madeira’s “Christmas the Year
Marriage: Fiddler on the Roof, best song about
Marriage: The Grass is Greener, great quotation about
Merton’s prayer
MMR Vaccine & autism
Walter M. Miller jr: Francis’ Confession
St. Thomas More in Art @ the Frick
Motorcycles: Chromed Tires
Motorcycles: MSF Acronymns
Motorcycles: SC-1000
Motorcycles: Why I Ride
Mira Nair: The Namesake
Object Lessons: Another Oxford Comma
Object Lessons: Constitutional Comma
Object Lessons: Lohan texts
Object Lessons: Million-Dollar Comma
Object Lessons: Pronoun / Antecedent
Object Lessons: Pronunciation, Intonation, & Nails
Object Lessons: Synopsis 1
Object Lessons: Synopsis 2
Object Lessons: Synopsis 3
Object Lessons: Unfortunate Collocations
orphan: Eco on being one
Walker Percy: Bourbon
Walker Percy: Ex-Suicide
Dan Piraro; Bizarro: E-Church
The Poor Scholar’s Soliloquy” by Stephen M. Corey
Terry Pratchett (& Neil Gaiman): British monetary system (from Good Omens)
Prayer from Thomas Merton
William Raspberry on civil civic discourse.
Recipes: Asparagus sauce (Peanut & Ginger)
Recipes: Baba Ghanouj
Recipes: Baked Beans
Recipes: Baked Home Fries 
Recipes: Balsamic red onion with green beans
Recipes: Banana Pudding, Scrumptious 
Recipes: Beef & Stout Stew w/Stilton Pastry (Williams-Sonoma)
Recipes: Blender Hollandaise
Recipes: Bloody Mary mix
Recipes: Blueberry Chutney
Recipes: Bok Choy Soup
Recipes: Brie in pastry w/ Red Onion Confit
Recipes: Brownies (Triple Chocolate)
Recipes: Brussels Sprouts
Recipes: Camembert & Caramelized Onion Quesadilla (w/Apple chutney)
Recipes: Caprese Sandwich, grilled
Recipes: Caramelized Onion Chutney
Recipes: Casserole, Jean Corey’s Egg w/chilies
Recipes: Casserole, Toni’s Easy Spinach
Recipes: Chaplain’s Triple Chocolate Brownies
Recipes: Cheese, Marinated (via Gloria)
Recipes: Chess Pie, Mrs. Moore’s
Recipes: Chicken, Curried
Recipes: Chili, Award-winning vegetarian
Recipes: Chimmichurri, Chris’s
Recipes: Chris’s Chimmichurri
Recipes: Corn on the Cob
Recipes: Cranberry Relish, Mama Stamberg’s
Recipes: Creole Garlic Soup
Recipes: Croutons 
Recipes: Curried Chicken
Recipes: Derby Pie
Recipes: Easy Spinach Casserole, Toni’s
Recipes: Egg Casserole, Jean Corey’s
Recipes: Eggs, hard boiled
Recipes: Eggs, Scrambled (Lady & Pups)
Recipes: Eggs, soft boiled
Recipes: Filet
Recipes: “Fries,” Baked Home 
Recipes: Garlic Soup, Creole
Recipes: Ginger/Nut Sauce (for asparagus)
Recipes: Goat Cheese Mousse
Recipes: Green beans with Balsamic red onion
Recipes: Grilled Caprese Sandwich
Recipes: Hollandaise in a blender
Recipes: Hard boiled eggs
Recipes: Hummus, Lentil
Recipes: Jean Corey’s Egg Casserole
Recipes: KahlĂșa (the first draft, complete with disaster)
Recipes: KahlĂșa, pt 2 (the final form)
Recipes: Lentil Hummus (revised recipe)
Recipes: Mac-n-Cheese in a skillet
Recipes: Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish
Recipes: Marinara
Recipes: Marinated Cheese (via Jeffita)
Recipes: Meatloaf
Recipes: Mint Julep (Lt. Gen. S.B. Buckner, Jr)
Recipes: Mint Julep (Walker Percy) (julep ice shaver)
Recipes: Mrs. Moore’s Chess Pie
Recipes: Old Fashioned
Recipes: Omelets
Recipes: Omelette Lyonnaise
Recipes: Onion Chutney
Recipes: Pancake, Swedish Apple
Recipes: Pasta e fagioli
Recipes: Pasta sauce
Recipes: Peanut Butter Bars
Recipes: Peanut & Ginger sauce (for asparagus)
Recipes: Pesto
Recipes: Pie, Chess (Mrs. Moore’s)
Recipes: Pie Crust cf. Strawberry Fudge Cheesecakey Pie
Recipes: Pizza Crust, Thin
Recipes: Potato Salad
Recipes: Potaotes, Baked Home Fries 
Recipes: Pudding, Scrumptious Banana 
Recipes: Red Onion Confit
Recipes: Roman Cheese
Recipes: Salmon, basic
Recipes: Salmon with Basil & Mint
Recipes: Salmon with Citrus Glaze (Alton Brown)
Recipes: Scrambled Eggs (Lady & Pups)
Recipes: Scrumptious Banana Pudding
Recipes: Skillet Mac-n-Cheese
Recipes: Soft boiled eggs
Recipes: Soup, Bok Choy
Recipes: Soup, Creole Garlic
Recipes: Spinach Casserole
Recipes: Sprouts, Brussels
Recipes: (Mama) Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish
Recipes: Strawberry Fudge Cheesecakey Pie
Recipes: Strawberry Spinach Salad Vinaigrette
Recipes: Swedish Apple Pancake
Recipes: Tenderloin Filet
Recipes: Thin Pizza Crust
Recipes: Toni’s Easy Spinach Casserole
Recipes: Triple Chocolate Brownies
Recipes: Vegetarian chili (award winning)
Reconciliation, Rite of; best ever
James Redfield on Classics & Anthropology
Rituale Romanum: Benedictio Cerevisae
St. Lawrence outside the Walls; Transubstantiationist Inscription
St. Lawrence outside the Walls; Transubstantiationist Inscription, at length
Dorothy Sayers on the Seven Deadly Sins (courtesy of Gashwin):
Scripture on Serious Sin
Omar Sharif on beautiful tasks
Shonen Knife’s “Space Christmas
Shulman, Max: “Love is a Fallacy
Solipsistic posts about posting &c; omitted
on the Split Infinitive
Transubstantiationist Inscription at St. Lawrence outside the Walls
Transubstantiationist Inscription at St. Lawrence outside the Walls, at length
Vaccine & autism
Kurt Vonnegut: Moderately Talented
William Butler Yeats: The Second Coming
Why Study Latin?

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