Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Salmon with basil & mint

It’s almost time for our annual retreat to Rocky Knob, so SWMBO is at her annual conference at the beach and I’m cleaning out the fridge. We’ve had some basil on the verge of going off and I thought I’d combine it with a nice piece of salmon. Poking around to see what others have done with this pairing, I found a recipe (I forget where) for salmon with basil & mint. And we just so happen to have some mint left over from the juleps we had during the Preakness (go Big Brown!). Here's what I did.

No... better... Here’s what I'll do next time.
  • chiffonade about 1/6 c. basil leaves and 1/8 c. mint leaves for each salmon steak or fillet
  • wilt the herbs in a bit of olive oil over a medium heat & set aside
  • oil the baking pan & lay in the salmon
  • cover with wilted herbs
  • top with thin lemon slices
  • bake in convection toaster oven for 13 minutes at 350
Fast, easy, and surprisingly tasty. I also had some vegetables, but everyone knows how to...

Wait a tick.

Easy corn on the cob:
  • Shuck the corn & remove all the silk
  • wrap tightly in plastic wrap
  • roll into a tea towel
  • nuke on high for a scant 2 minutes
  • let sit for a few minutes (I put the fish in the oven, did the corn, and then unwrapped it right before the fish was ready).

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